For group bookings of 2 or more participants please use the group booking store.

Group Booking Shop

Using the Group Booking Portal you will be able to register, view and manage multiple registrations. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. You will need to create a “Group Co-ordinator” on the “Group Co-odinator Details Tab” before you can proceed. It´s possible to add new registrations one by one or you can import multiple contacts via a spreadsheet. Before importing your contacts by a spreadsheet, ensure you have the correct import template by downloading it using the Download Template button in the section “Group Details” or here.

Note: In the template, the phone number is set by the system as a requirement. However, we do not need the phone number of the participant. You can simply enter any number if needed. Otherwise you will not be able to upload the participants. The field “State” is not a mandatory field.

If you require assistance, please contact us at